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Survey of Text Retrieval Products

Utgivningsår: 1993
Nummer: 15
Titel: Survey of Text Retrieval Products
Sammanfattning: Systems for storing and retrieving text documents have been used for many  years in specific application areas, such as libraries, govemmental institutions  and news agencies where the business requires management of large amounts of  textual information.In other sectors the use of text retrieval systems as general tools for information  management has so far been limited. But as the amount of electronically produced text documents has increased drarnatically during the last two decades, systerns for managing large text databases are becoming interesting for most large organisations.
Kategori: FoU-resultat
Projekt: Intuitive
Språk: Engelska
Författare: Marie Bern
Peter Rosengren
SD-nr15 - Survey of Text Retrieval Products