Experiences from Technology Transfer Initiatives at SISU

Utgivningsår: 2000
Nummer: 1
Titel: Experiences from Technology Transfer Initiatives at SISU
Sammanfattning: Sweden’s first university department in information systems was established in 1966. Research on methods and tools for information systems development started almost immediately, primarily by the  research groups CADIS and ISAC. Research as well as publication activities of these and other groups  during the seventies has been extensively described in the 40:th anniversary book, published by the  department (Bubenko jr., Jansson et al. 2006). University research in Sweden started to grow during  the seventies. Several persons in organisations in business, industry as well as in the public sector  showed a considerable interest in this research. In the early eighties the situation had matured so much  that a question could be formulated: can knowledge and technology transfer from university research  to practical application be somehow facilitated and enhanced?  In this paper we reflect on our experiences from an initiative to technology transfer in the field of  information systems in Sweden. We are concerned with transfer of knowledge as well as of technical  prototypes from academic research to product development, exploitation, and practical use in  organisations. Our experiences emanate from our work in SISU – the Swedish Institute for Systems  Development. SISU was formed in 1984 and existed until the end of 2000. In this paper we wish to  describe, firstly, which are the main “products” of technology transfer, and, secondly, which are the  main factors that influence (or hinder) the success of a technology transfer initiative.
Projekt: SISU - Kunskapsöverföring
Språk: Engelska
Författare: Janis Bubenko jr
Eva Lindencrona