SISU Report

Integrating Database Technology, Rule Based Systems: The Tempora Paradigm

Utgivningsår: 1994
Nummer: 6
Titel: Integrating Database Technology, Rule Based Systems: The Tempora Paradigm
Sammanfattning: Recent years have witnessed a growing realization that the  development of large data-intensive, transaction-oriented information systems is  becoming increasingly more difficult as user requirements become broader and  more sophisticated. Contemporary approaches have been criticized for producing  systems which are difficult to maintain and which provide little assistance in organizational  developments. This paper introduces the TEMPORA paradigm, which is  currently under development and which advocates a closer alignment between  organizational policy and information system functionality. This viewpoint impacts  on a number of critical issues related to the development process of information  systems most notably in the nature of conceptual models, the discipline adopted for  the development, the type of support provided by CASE tools and the run-time  environment. The paper introduces the philosophy and architecture of the  TEMPORA paradigm and describes the conceptual models, tools and run-time  environment which render such an approach a feasible undertaking.  Keywords: business rules, CASE, conceptual modelling, rule-based paradigm,  temporal database.
Projekt: Tempora
Språk: --
Författare: V Kopanas
Peri Loucopoulos
Peter McBrien
F Schumacker
B Theodoulidis
Benkt Wangler
SISU Report-6 - Integrating database technology, rule-based systems and temporal reasoning - the Tempora Paradigm