SISU publikation

Metadata and PICS Management

Utgivningsår: 1997
Nummer: 5
Titel: Metadata and PICS Management
Sammanfattning: Almost infinite resource space in the Web provides massive  information for various purposes. Problems arise: How to  effectively obtain the Web information that we need, and how to  block the inappropriate Web materials. PICS provides a standard  for possible support to the Internet users to control access to the  Web. To a broader sense, METADATA is introduced to the  Web information structure and gives a more powerful  management in modelling the information. In this report, we  study the current situations of PICS development, survey the  existing work, and focus on the access control of the Internet  information and metadata related issues. We consider our future  effort will be put in the metadata analysis and formulation.
Språk: Svenska
Författare: William Song
SP-97_05 - Metadata and PICS management