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WDM-WISA: A Metadata Based Tool for Web Information Analysis

Utgivningsår: 1998
Nummer: 9
Titel: WDM-WISA: A Metadata Based Tool for Web Information Analysis
Sammanfattning: Metadata has been considered to be "additional data to describe  web data". There are many approaches to construct these  additional data. The objective is to provide a better, effective  description of the web information for effective and efficient  analysis and management. Through investigation of a number of  the metadata methods, we consider it indispensable to develop a  simple metadata model and use the model to realize an effective  metadata based tool for web information analysis. In this paper,  we present a metadata model, WDM – Web Document Model, for  description of web resources. We focus on an approach to web  information analysis and management based on the web  information metadata model. A tool is developed based on the  metadata model WDM. The tool attempts to be able to take in web  information, no matter in which metadata model it is described,  and produce a uniform structure for the information. The tool is  also expected to edit and analyze the information. It can yet be  used as a metadata based web page creator as well.
Språk: Svenska
Författare: Anders Segerberg
William Song
SP-98_09 - WDM-WISA A Metadata based tool for web information analysis-ocr