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Dynamics Consolidated - A Case Study in Public administration

Utgivningsår: 1999
Nummer: 4
Titel: Dynamics Consolidated - A Case Study in Public administration
Sammanfattning: The governmental authorities are, among other tasks, obliged to  provide services to citizens, enterprises, and to other authorities,  as do the public sector organisations world-wide. The obligation  gives rise to a huge amount of information to be stored, shared,  and supplied. The services may for example include providing  citizens archived documents, hearing enterprise fusion cases, and  answering to referral cases. There are strict laws, rules and  regulations that constrain the procedure, the content, and the  form, which are used to carry out the obligations.  A great deal of electronic documents are already stored,  maintained, distributed and exchanged among the governmental  organisations. The management of electronic information is more  complicated than the management of paper-based information  [Andersson 97]. A paper-based piece of information can be  understood by a human being merely by viewing or touching it. An  electronic piece of information requires a computer to process the  bits and bytes. Provided the computer is able to interpret the file,  character, bitmap and other representation formats included in  the information piece, a human being can understand or evaluate  it only in the computer processed form.
Språk: Engelska
Författare: Sari Hakkarainen
SP-96_04 - Dynamics Consolidated - A Case Study in Public administration