SISU publikation

The Use of PET, Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Utgivningsår: 1999
Nummer: 8
Titel: The Use of PET, Privacy-Enhancing Technologies
Sammanfattning: Personal data in itself is becoming an economic resource. Sometimes even forming the 

core of online business models such as in the case of infomediary companies. This 

development is increasingly establishing also in the European market. 

However, the knowledge in Europe in general about individuals’ online privacy 

preferences is limited, especially in the context of e-commerce and in other use of online 

services. The best way to protect these presumptive preferences is not necessarily 

through a body of strict online legislation and regulation framework only. It has come to 

our knowledge that data legislation suffers from non-compliance. Seeking complementary 

ways to protect privacy in online environment ought to be (or will soon become) an issue 

on every privacy researchers’ or advocates’ agenda.
Språk: Engelska
Författare: Per Hammarstedt
SP-99_08 - The Use of PET, Privacy-Enhancing Technologies