Selecting a Strategy for Computer-aided Software Engneering

Utgivningsår: 1988
Titel: Selecting a Strategy for Computer-aided Software Engneering
Sammanfattning: The purpose of this report is to raise the issue of CASE, in particular the question which actions to take now and which strategy to choose for an organization to "enter" the CASE area. The issue is motivated by the large number of CASE-tools commercially available today. Practically all of them support a particular methodology and a software life-cycle paradigm. Buying such a tool implies the necessity for your organization to switch to that particular tool's methodology. On the otherhand, there is the option to develop a CASE tool for your own method. This can be done by using a CASE-"shell", a software environment which provides advanced facilities to build your owntools. Such CASE-shells are beginning to appear on the market. Which alternative to choose depends on many factors. In order to obtain a better understanding of the complexity of this issueand in order to obtain a perspective on the problem, the state of the art and research directions in method deveopment as well as in development of CASE environments are fIrst surveyed. The report also presents a set of general, functional features of CASE tools and oulines a general architecture of a CASE environment.
Kategori: FoU-resultat
Språk: Engelska
Författare: Janis Bubenko jr
SYSLAB - The systems Development and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory