SISU informa

SISU Informa 87/5

Utgivningsår: 1987
Nummer: 87_5
Titel: SISU Informa 87/5
Sammanfattning: The size and complex~y of the information  systemtdatabase design and development process  requires powerful concepts, techniques, and tools to  support design, development, and management. Only  recently has Database Design and Development  (DBD&D) matured from loose collectians of ad hoc  techniques to relatively weil understood, proven  nethods. This coming of age has spurred the  levelopment of over 100 tools (under the general title  Computer Aided Software Engineering or CASE) that  automate aspects of the DBD&D process. Successful  OBD&D requires a good knowledge of the concets,  techniques, and tools and often considerable  experience.