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Does Technology Help Organizations To Listen?

Utgivningsår: 1995
Nummer: 95:15
Titel: Does Technology Help Organizations To Listen?
Sammanfattning: Systemdevelopment has been focused on technological functions and  connections ignoring an increasingly complex aspect of human  communication.It has dealt predominantly with the issue how to transfer  information from the machine to the human and the other way round. This  issue has gained attention before the issue how information is transformed  from human to human in communication. Man-machine interaction has  traditionally dealt with structural and functional aspetcs of the man/machine  interface. It has not included communication, emotions and organizational  aspects.  By now, the approach in systemdevelopment in organizations has been how  to construct and design the architecture. Recently, the attention has been  focused on the design of processes. The important question is , nor matter if  it is a question of architecture or processes, which kind of information the  technology is supposed to work and mediate. This is the question of  information quality. Another important question, especially in  organizations, is how to share corporate information. How to share  information is a question of how to cornrnunicate. How to share (use)  technology is dependent up on how people communicate.
Kategori: FoU-resultat
Projekt: Effective Communication
Språk: Engelska
Författare: Klara Pihlajamäki
SP-95_15 - Does Technolgy Help Organizations To listen